Carbon-Neutral Travel

Sustainable development

Ciment Quebec Inc. purchases credits to offset carbon emissions for travel by its employees of the Cement Marketing Department. In this way, employee travel becomes carbon-neutral.

We offset nearly 90 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of ten cars used for the business travel of the Cement Division’s marketing employees (approximately 350,000 km/year).

Gold Standard offsetting credits are purchased from Planetair, which supports renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Carbon Neutral Certified Transport 2013.pdf

Carbon Neutral Certified Transport 2012.pdf

Carbon Neutral Certified Transport 2011.pdf

Carbon Neutral Certified Transport 2010.pdf


Sustainable development

To us at Ciment Quebec inc, sustainable development is a responsibility which means a lot. We invested massively in the cement manufacturing process to make it eco-efficient. Our Synergia™ process is quite unique. We also compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions of our representatives on the road and other work-related travels. We encourage citizens’ initiatives in the communities where we are established. We work with engineers and contractors to bring their projects of sustainable development to a successful conclusion.