LEED Certification

Sustainable development


LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a system that evaluates the environmental performance of a building. Only buildings  and projects can receive a LEED® certificate. There are no LEED® materials. However, the choice of materials for a sustainable building project can influence environmental performance. Since cement is versatile and adaptable, it can easily contribute toward obtaining this valuable certification in sustainable building.

For a LEED® project, the Ciment Quebec Inc. team can help you. Contact our Technical Department at 418-329-2100.


Project Evaluation System for LEED® Certification in Canada

They are many LEED® evaluation systems to meet the needs of different types of buildings and projects; they are divided into six categories:

  • New construction (LEED®-NC);
  • Core and shell (LEED® CS);
  • Commercial interiors (LEED® Canada CI);
  • Existing buildings (LEED® Canada BE: E&E);
  • Homes (LEED® Canada for Homes); and,
  • Neighbourhood Development (LEED®-ND).

Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is an independent organization that certifies a project based on the total credits obtained after audits and examination of the documentation submitted by the LEED® design and construction team. LEED® proposes four levels of certification (certified, silver, gold and platinum) based on the performance of the projects.


Sustainable development

To us at Ciment Quebec inc, sustainable development is a responsibility which means a lot. We invested massively in the cement manufacturing process to make it eco-efficient. Our Synergia™ process is quite unique. We also compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions of our representatives on the road and other work-related travels. We encourage citizens’ initiatives in the communities where we are established. We work with engineers and contractors to bring their projects of sustainable development to a successful conclusion.