Concrete Pavement


Solid, Sustainable Investments

Ciment Quebec Inc. (CQI) has developed expertise in main-line concrete paving. The company has a Johnson, Heltzel and Strayer mobile concrete-mixing production plants. Directly set up on road sites, they are run by employees with considerable hourly concrete production experience.

CQI’s partnership with the general contractor Les entreprises Claude Chagnon Inc. means that a project developer will have a professional site for producing quality concrete pavement.

CQI provides specific cement products for each project type. The wide range of Portland cement products is produced using an eco-energetic production process with low emissions called Synergia™, which is unique to Ciment Québec Inc.

Whether for concrete paving made up of jointed concrete slabs, whitetopping, or continuous reinforced concrete slabs, CQI has the expertise, equipment and cement products to provide high-calibre concrete pavement.



Ciment Quebec Inc. (CQI) assists construction companies in their infrastructure, industrial, commercial and residential projects such as bridges, road pavements, buildings, wind turbines, etc. Ciment Quebec Inc. can support you in all your projects. CQI offers a leading expertise and equipment in roller compacted concrete (RCC), concrete roads, rehabilitation of roads and cement-based solidification and stabilization process for contaminated sites.