Environmentally Friendly Cement

Sustainable development


Environmentally Friendly Cement

Cements made using the Synergia™ Process of Ciment Québec Inc. (CQI) help reduce the carbon footprint of concrete.

Synergia™ Process

Using the Synergia™ Process, the clinker (product resulting from heating the components of the cement before grinding and including additives) of CQI requires less energy and produces less air pollution than competitive processes. Cement made using the Synergia™ Process is more eco-efficient.

Additives ?

Limestone and gypsum are added to the clinker to make cement. The Canadian Standard Association (CSA-A3001-08) Standard allows the addition of up to 15% limestone to cement. Gypsum is used to regulate the setting time of the cement. All cements—simple and complex—have gypsum as an ingredient.

Industrial waste, such as silica fumes, fly ash, and other materials, can be added to base cement. Since they are recycled in the cement, this waste is diverted from landfills where it would normally end its useful life. Ciment Québec Inc. produces excellent cement using silica fumes : SF-modified type GU.

These additives help reduce the need for clinkers and substantially reduce the carbon footprint of cement. Concrete containing these cement product are in line with the LEED vision.

From a Local Source?

CQI is supplied locally. Stone used to produce the clinker is extracted from quarries near the cement plant and the silica fumes come from Quebec industry. Hence, we avoid greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation and encourage regional economy.


Sustainable development

To us at Ciment Quebec inc, sustainable development is a responsibility which means a lot. We invested massively in the cement manufacturing process to make it eco-efficient. Our Synergia™ process is quite unique. We also compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions of our representatives on the road and other work-related travels. We encourage citizens’ initiatives in the communities where we are established. We work with engineers and contractors to bring their projects of sustainable development to a successful conclusion.