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Viable Communities

Citizen Relations

For Ciment Quebec Inc. (CQI), living in harmony with the citizens of a region is an integral part of its corporate mission. Wanting to be good neighbours, the Group favours transparency and regularly informs citizens of its activities and ongoing development projects.

For Viable Communities?

CQI encourages the efforts of citizens concerned with the quality of the environment. Deeply committed to its community for more than 60 years, the group invests in projects that are in line with its regional and sustainable development values.

In Portneuf

With its head office in the City of Saint-Basile, in Portneuf, (, Ciment Quebec Inc. pays attention to its relationship with the locals. In return, the city’s citizens are proud of this company, which is an outstanding ambassador for this part of the country. They also form the main pool of employees at the cement plant. The cement plant and municipality work together on constantly improving their environment to make Saint-Basile a great place to live.

  • A partner in projects for, and by, young people in the Portneuf region: Saint-Basile Internet Centre with the Portneuf School Board.
  • Support activities at the Saint-Basile municipal community centre: Centre Ernest-J.-Papillon, named after one of the founders of Ciment Quebec Inc.
  • Financial support for different local projects, such as restoring the church and purchasing equipment for the Saint-Basile fire department.
  • Use of local companies to carry out different services.

To learn more about the Portneuf region, consult the following Web sites:

In Other Regions ?

With operations in several regions of Quebec and United States, CQI strives to maintain good relations between its commercial facilities and citizens from the surrounding areas.


  • Supports healthcare foundations and organizations in Quebec; and,
  • Supports several sports groups and certain elite athletes.

In all facilities, CQI organizes open houses and industrial visits, and welcomes students in a spirit of openness with respect for the general public.

About Us

Being focused on sustainable construction to ensure a better and viable future for all

Ciment Québec inc. is an integrated cement producer with divisions in cement, ready-mix concrete and agregates. Ciment Québec Inc. (CQI) has one of the most modern cement plant in North-America. CQI and its numerous divisions are active in Québec, Ontario, the Maritimes provinces and the United States. More than 700 experienced and competent persons work every day to make the highest quality products and offer the best service there is to its clients. This confirms and strengthens the commitment to excellence of CQI.