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Soil Improvement

Engineered Soils

Ciment Quebec Inc. (CQI) has in-depth expertise in cement-based engineered soils. Cement-based engineered soil technology is used to stabilize the soil of a site that is not strong enough to support a building or road. Portland cement is mixed in the soil (sometimes with aggregates), along with water, and then compacted. The resulting mix, called cement-based soil, is stable and strong enough for construction. We can adapt the mix according to project requirements. There are three types of cement-based engineered soils: cement-modified soil, cement-stabilized bases and full-depth reclamation with cement.

CQI has the appropriate equipment for laying these cement-based soils, including mobile Pugmill continuous mixing plants, and cement spreaders/proportioners.

CQI designed a cement specifically adapted to this application to obtain the best results possible on the work site. ProBASE™ cement is made using an eco-energetic production process with low air emissions known as Synergia™, which is unique to Ciment Quebec Inc.

Benefits of Cement-Based Engineered Soils

  • Increases soil modulus of reaction
    The hydraulic reaction of cement with the soil improves resistance to soil deformation and optimizes pavement design.
  • Spreads the load
    A cement-based soil is far more solid and stronger than an unstabilized granular base. This increased strength spreads the load over a larger area, which reduces pressure on the structure.
  • Eliminates rutting in the foundation
    Rutting does not occur in a cement-based soil foundation. Ruts are limited to the flexible surfacing course and are easy to repair.
  • Reduces water and humidity problems in the foundation
    A cement-based soil is designed to be almost impermeable. This keeps the water outside the foundation so that, even in winter, there is no ice formation. No weight-bearing capacity is lost as the seasons change. Since it is a bonded material, cement-based soil retains a large amount of tonicity, even in the unlikely case that it becomes saturated.
  • Reduces flexing
    The higher modulus of a cement-based soil produces very low levels of deflection and stress on the pavement layer. This results in greater resistance to fatigue for an asphalt surface versus an asphalt coating with an aggregate base.

We support companies in their infrastructure and construction projects of all kinds.

Ciment Quebec Inc. (CQI) assists construction companies in their infrastructure, industrial, commercial and residential projects such as bridges, road pavements, buildings, wind turbines, etc. Ciment Quebec Inc. can support you in all your projects. CQI offers a leading expertise and equipment in roller compacted concrete (RCC), concrete roads, rehabilitation of roads and cement-based solidification and stabilization process for contaminated sites.