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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


With the constant development of new communication tools, it is necessary to pay special attention to protecting individuals’ privacy.  The objective of this Privacy Policy is to inform our website users of the personal information that we may gather and/or to inform them of the following:

  1. Personal data that is collected
  2. Use of collected data
  3. Who has access to this information
  4. The rights of the website users
  5. The website cookies policy

Collection of personal information

We do not collect, store nor use any user data on our website. In the event that we are in need of collecting this information, we will be sure to notify you. Should we have a contact form on our website, this form does not save the data, but sends it via e-mail to the administrators of the website.

Cookies policy

A Cookie is a small file, which is stored on the website user’s hard drive. It’s purpose is to collect user navigation data.

We use the following types of cookies on our website :

a)     Functional cookies

We use these to save the selections you’ve made on our site for future visits.

b)    Analytic cookies

These allow us to improve the design and functionality of our site by collecting information on the content that you’ve accessed while using our website.

c)     Targeting cookies

These cookies collect data on the way you use our site and your preferences.  This allows us to present information that may be in of interest to you.

You may choose to be warned every time a cookie is transmitted.  You may also choose to deactivate cookies entirely in your web browser, however this may diminish the quality of your user experience.


This Privacy Policy may at times be modified in order to conform to the law and to take into account any change we may make in our data collection process.  We recommend that our users verify our Privacy Policy every once in a while so as to stay informed of any update.   If necessary, we may inform our users by e-mail of any changes made to this policy.

We commit ourselves to maintaining a high level of privacy by integrated the latest technological innovations allowing to ensure the privacy of your transactions.  However, since no mechanism can offer maximum security, there is always an element of risk present when using the Internet to transmit personal information.


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at one of the following :

E-mail :
Telephone :  418 329-2100
Website section :


We are committed to follow the legislative provisions set out in :

Legislation :