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Product Line

Masonry cement

Using the Synergia™ Process, EVOLUTION™ masonry cement products require 30% less energy and produces up to 10% fewer harmful emissions during production than other cement product in the market. Used by masons for over 60 years, our EVOLUTION™ cement products are high-quality construction materials that meet the requirements of ASTM and CSA Standards. Used in a wide variety of masonry structures, masonry cement is ideal for both new buildings and those being restored. Masonry structures are valuable evidence of the evolution of our society. Defying the test of time, they attest to the know-how of masons when it comes to sustainable construction. Ciment Québec called is masonry cement line EVOLUTION™ to recognize the work of master masons from the past and present.

General purpose N-type masonry cement is used in a wide variety of constructions. EVOLUTION-N™ is recommended for general indoor and outdoor use where the masonry is exposed to harsh environmental conditions.
Type S masonry cement is used for work that requires moderate to high strength. EVOLUTION-S™ is recommended for reinforced masonry below and above the ground (in all cases) where there is significant lateral resistance.
Maritime packaging is available upon request for semi-bulk products and products in bags. For more information on the project or to conduct a trial, please contact your Ciment Quebec Inc. representative.