Citizen Relations

Good Relations with Citizens

Whether in a rural or urban environment, operating quarries or gravel pits must be carried out in harmony with the surrounding area. This is a priority of the Unibeton Aggregate Group, and that’s why we have the latest equipment to reduce dust and noise pollution as much as possible.

During blasting operations, all activities are carefully monitored and executed by highly qualified personnel who calibrate the charges to reduce vibrations and drop in air pressure. Our personnel take great care in ensuring that our operations are barely noticeable to our neighbors. Moreover, seismographs distributed around the area measure vibrations. This allows continuous adjustments to limit vibrations resulting from blasting operations. Blasting times, which occur between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., are well-known by the local residents.

Beauport Citizens Relations Committee

Created in 1650 by the Jesuits, the Beauport Quarry is the oldest quarry operating in North America. Today, the quarry is found in an urban environment, since the city gradually expanded around it.

Wishing to have good relationships with our “neighbours”, Unibeton Aggregate Group set up a citizen relations committee comprised of representatives of the area’s residents, a representative from the Borough of Beauport for Quebec City, and a representative from the company. The committee’s mandate is to monitor concerns of the local population,and document the opinions of committee members regarding certain steps taken by the company. In addition, it identifies the most appropriate means to keep the local population informed about what is being done to mitigate the effects of daily quarry activities.

Participation in Citizen Activities

G3E – Groupe d’éducation et d’écosurveillance de l’eau

Unibeton Aggregate Group supports the activities of G3E. Beauport River runs along the Beauport Quarry in a conservation protection zone.

CEPLAC – Comité pour l’environnement et la protection du lac aux Canards

Unibeton Aggregate Group supports the activities of CEPLAC. The Lac aux Canards is found in the municipality of Saint-Raphaël.


Quality control, a priority that sets us apart

We operate quarries and sand pits in Quebec and offer a vast range of products. Our materials benefit from excellent intrinsic characteristics and from manufacturing processes allowing them to be used in numerous applications. They are mainly intended for usages in concrete, road foundations, filtering layers, abrasives, materials of filling, etc. The main users are municipalities, Ministry of Transport, contractors and the general population.