Sustainable development

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Development

For Ciment Quebec Inc. (CQI), the environment always has been an important business consideration. CQI adheres to sustainable development principles, and makes every effort to meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Ciment Quebec Inc.’s Board of Directors also made its position official on Sustainable Development on June 30, 2009, by approving THE CORPORATE ORIENTATION STATEMENT ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

Because of this corporate orientation statement on sustainable development, the administrators (on June 30, 2009) approved three corporate policies on:

  • Energy ;
  • Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Environment.

logopolitiquesCQI1In addition to the steps taken by CQI to apply the principles in this declaration, the company set up a green, exclusive cement production process called the Synergia Process™, which combines professional know-how, an innovative infrastructure, and advanced techniques.


  • significant reduction in fossil fuel consumption;
  • a considerable decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful compounds; and,
  • calorific value of non-recyclable waste and other waste destined for landfills.

Sustainable development is more than a concept at CQI. It is a reality that has been integrated into all aspects of the company. CQI’s vision is based on four fundamental areas:

  • Responsible use of natural resources;
  • Health and safety;
  • Reduced harmful emissions; and,
  • Respect for local communities.

CQI is Committed to:

Using Natural Resources Responsibly by:

  • promoting the conservation of non-renewable natural resources and using alternative materials that recycle by-products from other industrial means, or non-recyclable waste materials or materials otherwise destined for landfills;
  • promoting recycling by-products produced internally; and,
  • investing in innovative and eco-efficient products and processes.

Promoting Occupational Health and Safety by:

  • applying a zero-tolerance policy for preventable accidents;
  • training and informing employees of proper work methods and personal protective equipment appropriate for each situation; and,
  • having a dynamic and protective occupational health and safety committee to improve corporate performance in this sector.

Reducing Harmful Emissions by:

  • continuously measuring harmful emissions and taking appropriate corrective action;
  • investing in clean technologies;
  • training staff to better use equipment to reduce harmful emissions;
  • performing a technology watch to systematically improve cement, concrete and aggregate production processes;
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions by investing in new technologies, continuously training employees, and funding research; and,
  • offsetting greenhouse gas emissions produced when transporting our employees from the Cement Marketing Department and making their travel carbon-neutral. Gold Standard compensatory credits can be purchased at Planetair.

Respecting Local Communities by:

  • acting to reduce the effects of our industrial activities on the territory and local communities;
  • keeping work schedules that preserve the quiet enjoyment of the surrounding communities, when operations allow it;
  • participating in structuring projects for local communities; and,
  • voluntarily and transparently informing the interested parties (local elected officials, administrations, neighbouring communities and associations) about the planned changes for environmental and operational aspects from a perspective of active listening and dialogue.
Sustainable development

A responsibility which means a lot

To us at Ciment Quebec inc, sustainable development is a responsibility which means a lot. We invested massively in the cement manufacturing process to make it eco-efficient. Our Synergia™ process is quite unique. We also compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions of our representatives on the road and other work-related travels. We encourage citizens’ initiatives in the communities where we are established. We work with engineers and contractors to bring their projects of sustainable development to a successful conclusion.