Delivering and Transporting the Cement

shippingCiment Quebec Inc. (CQI) is the only cement producer in Quebec with its own cement transport line: St-Basile Transport Inc. Whether by truck, train or boat, the St-Basile Transport Inc. team carries out some of the most productive logistic planning, with the prime objective of complete client satisfaction, especially regarding delivery time. Our cement products are delivered by experienced, professional, and courteous drivers throughout Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and the Eastern United States. We have gained an excellent reputation in this area, and are recognized in the industry.


By train: CQI has its own fleet of over 100 rail cars to supply some of its terminals.

By truck: St-Basile Transport Inc. has over 60 units. Experienced drivers transport cement in bulk, semi-bulk, or bags. As well, this subsidiary has 50 tanker-trucks, owned by the people of the Portneuf region, who have the exclusive mandate to transport cement at CQI. In addition to our logistics, we use most of the specialized carriers in the field.

By ship: We have in-depth expertise in ship loading, which requires meticulous logistics. Whether it is at the Quebec City or Trois-Rivieres ports, with our expertise we can offer a loading pace of more than 10,000 tm every 24 hours. Given the very high fees to hold a ship in port while awaiting loading, our maritime clients appreciate our speed.

Logistics that Run Well


Since it was founded in 1955, St-Basile Transport Inc. has gained great experience in being able to satisfy clients, regardless of company size. The quality of the delivery service lies in the many possibilities offered by CQI.

Through our employees assigned to the different distribution points (points of sale), order receiving offices, and our dispatch team, we can meet daily the expectations of our clients. We offer a service for preparing all electronic customs documentation for merchandise, and advance notice of arrival for trucks in the case of cross-border transportation.

Our expertise lets us respond effectively to large-scale projects, such as dam construction, mining projects in remote northern regions, or during major road work.

We are working on delivering our product over distances up to 1,500km from the point of origin in Canada or the United States. We can manage just-in-time delivery, regardless of the destination.

Mechanical Maintenance Service

St-Basile Transport Inc. has a mechanical maintenance service on all its units, and offers this service to other cement carriers in the Portneuf Region using a team of experienced mechanics, certified under the Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP).

Mobile Silos

St-Basile Transport Inc. has a fleet of six horizontal mobile silos that can be used for storage during special projects.

Happy to Help You

Regardless of your cement transportation needs, we are happy to help you meet your needs and offer exceptional service. To order or reach us, please consult the list of our distribution centres.


We produce eco-efficient cements of the highest quality.

At Ciment Quebec Inc. we are committed to manufacture the best cements. We achieve this through the skills of our dedicated employees, the high quality of the materials we select and with the technology we use for manufacturing. Our cement manufacturing process Synergia™ requires 30 % less energy and generates up to 10 % less polluting emissions than other cements available on the market. This enables us to produce eco-efficient cements of the highest quality.