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Ciment Quebec inc. shall not accept any unsolicited idea neither for its new products and packaging, nor for marketing, advertising, research, commercial activities, etc. If you do not respect the terms and conditions of this statement, and you submit an idea to Ciment Quebec Inc., you accept that the idea becomes and remains the exclusive property of Ciment Quebec Inc. without any obligation on the part of Ciment Quebec Inc. and without payment or any form of compensation paid to you by Ciment Quebec inc.

If, during your communications with Ciment Quebec Inc., you provide information, including, but not limited to, feedback, data, comments, suggestions and information, or the like, this information shall not be deemed confidential. All information communicated shall be considered the property of Ciment Quebec Inc., and, by submitting this information, you assign all international rights, titles and interests for this information to Ciment Quebec Inc. Ciment Quebec Inc. shall in no way be held liable for any use or disclosure of this information. Ciment Quebec Inc. has no obligation to keep this information confidential and shall freely reproduce, use, disclose and distribute this information to other people without restriction. Ciment Quebec Inc. shall be free to use any idea, any concept, any know-how or any technique found in this information, for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to the preceding, in order to develop, manufacture and market products containing this information or being based on this information. By communicating information, you guarantee Ciment Quebec Inc. the right to publish it, use it as part of its activities, and integrate the concepts that are communicated into Ciment Quebec Inc. products with no obligation on the part of Ciment Quebec Inc. to you and without payment or any form of compensation paid to you.

By inviting you to share your comments and suggestions regarding this site and the products, Ciment Quebec Inc. does not seek to solicit from you any ideas, suggestions, material or other confidential or exclusive information about the development, creation, design, modification, manufacturing or marketing of its products or of any other product.

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