Contaminated Soil Treatment

Cement-Based Stabilization-Solidification Technique for Contaminated Soils

Ciment Quebec Inc. was the first company in Quebec to effectively and safely use the cement-based stabilization-solidification technique to rehabilitate contaminated soils. The Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP) approves this technique for use.

This cost-effective technique rehabilitates contaminated land that would be difficult to restore using traditional methods.

To encourage the use of this proven technique, Ciment Quebec Inc. has invested in modern equipment that facilitates the mixing of cement into contaminated soils. The company developed RehabSOL™ cement, which is a line of Portland cement products that provides better rehabilitation results. RehabSOL™ cement is made using an energy-efficient production process that is low emissions known as Synergia™, which is unique to Ciment Quebec Inc.

Using the Cement-Based SS Technique

Cement-based stabilization-solidification (SS) is a two-process method for rehabilitating contaminated soil. Incorporating Portland cement into contaminated soils witch leads to two types of reactions. Stabilization chemically modifies the properties of certain contaminants by making them less harmful, and solidification prevents contaminants from being released into the environment. By combining these two processes, the cement-based SS technique is an effective means of rehabilitating inorganic or organic contaminated soils. It is especially effective for processing heavy metals.

With cement-based SS, contaminated soils can be restored in situ, (i.e. on the sites themselves), without excavation, or ex situ (i.e. following the full excavation) of the contaminated soils. There is a definite advantage in rehabilitating contaminated soils on site, since it avoids any risk related to the transportation or handling of harmful products. In terms of sustainable development, in situ cement-based SS is beneficial, since it means the soil can be re-used.


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