Pavement that Lasts with RCC


For more than fifty years, Ciment Quebec Inc. (CQI) has developed in-depth expertise in roller-compacted concrete (RCC). CQI has invested time and money into developing RCC-specific cement, techniques and on-site equipment to optimize the quality of RCC, and to promote this unique concrete that is destined for a bright future. In particular, CQI has two Pugmill plants to optimize RCC mixing on construction sites.

Specific to Ciment Quebec Inc., COMPACTcem™ cement is produced from a line of skilfully proportioned binary Portland cement products and admixtures that have been proven on roller-compacted concrete paving sites.

COMPACTcem™ cement is made using an eco-energetic production process with low emissions known as Synergia™, which is unique to Ciment Quebec Inc.

RCC is an excellent pavement that resists heavy vehicles loadings and intensive operations. This high-performance material can support heavy loads and channelized solicitation. RCC stands the test of time.

Quick Laying 

RCC is a slump-free concrete that is prepared on site. It is laid using conventional paving equipment, such as pavers and compactor rollers. The accelerated curing of RCC means that surfaces can be commissioned quickly.

RCC does not require more preparation than any other paving project. Its rigidity, along with its excellent fluxural behaviour, makes it a sought-after solution that provides long-term benefits!

Well Appreciated

Roller-compacted concrete is a planned investment that adds value to a company. Since it requires little foundation work, RCC paving provides substantial savings. It is very quick and easy to lay, thereby reducing time spent on the project.

A RCC slab is less affected by freeze/thaw weather cycles. Operations can continue normally even during critical times of year. pneuRCC is a green material that earns LEED® points toward the prestigious sustainable building certification. Its proven durability offers a higher return on investment than any other pavement.

A Multi-Fonctional Product

Roller-compacted concrete is a highly resistant pavement. Whether you use tractor-trailers, heavy machines, cranes, merchandise-handling equipment, etc. RCC is the ideal solution.

RCC is used in sorting, handling and storing areas; in loading docks; intermodal terminals for containers; parking lots; industrial park roads; composting areas; animal feed lots; metal recycling areas; and harbours.

RCC is the pavement that measures up to any job.

Main Benefits

  • Resistance to heavy loads;
  • Long-lasting pavement;
  • Excellent life cycle analysis performance;
  • Very good abrasion resistance;
  • No load restriction during thaw periods;
  • Reduced heat island effect, since the pavement is light in color;
  • Simple maintenance;
  • Allows easy snow removal;
  • Impermeable to liquids (water, oil, gasoline);
  • Reduced maintenance costs for equipment, machinery and/or vehicles because of fewer breakdowns caused by pavement in poor condition;
  • Quick to lay and commission; and,
  • Maximum optimization of costs, with a quick return on investment.

Choose High-Quality RCC Paving for its Strength and Durability

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