Industry Support

Support for the Cement and Concrete Industry

Ciment Quebec Inc. (CQI) supports the cement and concrete industry through its commitment to research and innovation, and through educating its employees and users about its products.

Research and Innovation

CQI directly supports research programs on cement and concrete at various research centres and universities. As an active member of the Cement Association of Canada (CAC), CQI encourages these associations to support concrete and cement research.

Research is very important since it allows the company to stand out with modern products and services. CQI has access to a world-class research centre, the Centre Technique Groupe (CTG). Located in two different institutions, one in Bergamo, Italy, and the other in Guerville, France, the CTG employs over 400 engineers and technicians, who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions in terms of products, material mixes, and tools for assisted prescription or implementation. The CTG runs three specialized laboratories for materials, physical-chemical analysis and additives, and special products. Research conducted by the CTG has produced photocatalyzing binders, self-placing concretes, and ultra-high-performance mortar.

Employee Training

What makes a quality cement is not only the raw materials and modern equipment, but also the people. CQI is a company with a human dimension that gives great importance to training its employees, so that they can excel in their work. Continuous education is an essential element for the Group’s success. Having competent employees means we can make high-quality cements and offer unparalleled technical service to our clients.

Cement User Training

CQI supports the training activities organized by associations to which its users belong. Training is essential for updating knowledge, especially in a rapidly changing environment, such as the construction industry.


We produce eco-efficient cements of the highest quality.

At Ciment Quebec Inc. we are committed to manufacture the best cements. We achieve this through the skills of our dedicated employees, the high quality of the materials we select and with the technology we use for manufacturing. Our cement manufacturing process Synergia™ requires 30 % less energy and generates up to 10 % less polluting emissions than other cements available on the market. This enables us to produce eco-efficient cements of the highest quality.